MCCT presents The Wolfed Man – NOW AVAILABLE on YouTube!

The Wolfed Man is now available on YouTube to listen to and watch ANYTIME!  Here is the link to the original audio play written and directed by Roy Sillings –

Here’s a note from Roy Sillings…

The Wolfed Man was intended to be a short Halloween farce spoofing the classic 1941 movie. Somehow
the wolf got out of the box, after eating Schrodinger’s cat, and went wild. Though still riddled with its
original low humor, puns, and pop culture references, the current social, political and technological
threats lurk beneath the nonsense. The nonsense itself becomes the devouring wolf chewing rational
capabilities into incoherent scraps of memory jerry-rigged together with strands of mangled logic.
The play claims to be based on the book of a wicked (likely mad) Baron written to twist the minds of its
readers through shocked amusement into the acceptance of absurdity (like werewolves.) His book’s
title, Just Sayings: A Truthless Mouthful, celebrates the ability of the phrase, “Just sayin’, to dismiss
responsibility for, and the necessity to prove, any notion uttered before it, while adding a tone of folksy
know-it all-wisdom, like a vague warning from an aged and toothless sage. The Baron’s book is
dangerous, and so might be his play. Be warned…beware!
So, are you scared yet? Well enough of that. It’s mostly just for fun. Something often in short supply
these days. There should be something for everyone to pick up on, from Looney Tunes to James Joyce,
from fart jokes to John Keats, and some things no one will get which I hope will amuse them for being
puzzlingly silly which is sort of the aura of the whole piece.
Exploiting the constant word play and maintaining some kind of character and dramatic development, I
thought might be near impossible. But was more than lucky in the fine actors I chose. They were great
performers and amazingly patient and supportive throughout, as their very inexperienced, but
persistently persnickety, director repeatedly tried to get phrasings even he wasn’t sure were possible.
They were also very understanding and helpful in overcoming the frustrating shortcomings of Zoom
recordings. The addition, of Jason Lopez’ challenging and painstaking sound work also served greatly in
bringing the story to life. My heartfelt thanks to them all and many others who endured and assisted in
my goofy project. Their comments, suggestions, patience and unfailing encouragement were invaluable.
And finally, my special thanks to Monroe County Civic Theatre without which I never would have come
to this. No, it’s a good thing. Really.
Come see! It’s free. Wouldn’ cost you a wooden nickel” – Roy Sillings

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