MCCT was founded in 1986 by a group of local artists dedicated to the goal of providing positive theater-making experiences for all members of the Bloomington community.  Nearly thirty years later, MCCT is now Bloomington’s only all-volunteer, amateur community theater organization.  We remain devoted to providing opportunities for individuals to know the many challenges and rewards of theater — no matter what their background or experience.

MCCT productions have included everything from classic American dramas to Broadway musicals, Greek tragedies to Japanese kyogen, the plays of William Shakespeare as well as original pieces by local playwrights.

View a complete list of past MCCT productions and an online archive that includes video footage from past performances HERE!

More information about our history can be found on MCCT’s Bloomingpedia page, although, since it has NOT been updated since August 10, 2010, some material is outdated including contact information.