Audition Sides! One Act Celebration

Interested in Auditioning for our One Act Showcase this weekend? Here is a little more about the current shows, as well as the sides we will have available:

  • Nights From Now On – 3 cast (1 young actor), 1 off-stage voice. Concept: Navigating normalcy after societal shift. 
  • Companions – 3 cast (1 elderly actor, 1 adult actress, 1 young character), Concept: An elderly man fends off loneliness while the government worker providing him with a virtual pet works to understand her young child’s struggles with companionship.
  • Bartleby and Bess- 2 Adult cast members. Concept: Trying to understand another person while living in the modern age.
  • The Pumpkin Pact- Two teenage cast members. Concept: The struggles of mixing adolescence with witchery.
  • First Date – 2 Adult cast members. Concept: A postmodern take on adult dating strategies.
  • LadyBalls – 2 Adult female roles. Concept: A tribute to A League of Their Own that is in a very different league. Content warning: Heavy on the puns


The Pumpkin Pact 1

The Pumpkin Pact 2

Nights from Now On

Lady Balls 1

Lady Balls 2

Lady Balls 3

First Date 1

First Date 2

Companions 1

Companions 2

Bartleby & Bess 1

Bartleby & Bess 2

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