Working Photo Gallery (2012)

The Monroe County Civic Theater presented the musical “Working” in celebration of Labor Day weekend in 2012. Eric Anderson, Jr. directed.

“Working,” based on the book by Pulitzer-prize-winning author Studs Terkel, is a compilation of interviews with people talking about their lives and their jobs.

“We chose Labor Day weekend to honor workers,” MCCT President Sheila Butler said. “It’s an excellent play to do with a great group of people. There are lots of opportunities for people to play small parts.”

Here are a few photos from the rehearsal process and performance at the BPP…

Alaina Martinez plays the part of a flight attendant
Eric Anderson, Jr. directed and provided the musical accompaniment.
Left to Right (actors closest to camera): Sheila Butler, I. James Torry, Maryann Iaria, and Roy Sillings
Zilia C. Balkansky Selles, Maggie Sullivan, Yolanda Valdivia, and Gabi Fagen rehearse their dance choreography
Pictured left to right: Caitlin Diekhoff, Alaina Martinez, Cameron Butler, Gabi Fagen
Steve Scott suiting up as the fireman


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