Meet the Cast of “The Mousetrap”

Emily Bedwell (Mollie Ralston)This is her the first time since she played Florence Unger in MCCT’s “The Odd Couple – Female Edition.” She directed 2019’s “Frozen” for MCCT. Emily is a 2001 graduate of IU

We’re just a few days away from the opening of “The Mousetrap” at Ted Jones Playhouse! We’ve introduced you to our performers over on our Facebook page, but in case you don’t have that or have missed any of them, please meet our cast! And get your tickets today!

Tickets are available now for all performances!

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March 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 at 7:30pm
March 5, 11 at 2:00pm

Presented with special arrangement from Samuel French.

Emily Bedwell (Mollie Ralston)This is her the first time since she played Florence Unger in MCCT’s “The Odd Couple – Female Edition.” She directed 2019’s “Frozen” for MCCT. Emily is a 2001 graduate of IU with a BA in English and a 2018 graduate of IUPUI with a MS is Library and Information Sciences. She has been performing most of her life, and considers civic theaters to be part of her extended family.

Favorite roles (other than Florence) include Margaret in “Much Ado About Nothing” (MCCT), The Red Queen/Queen of Hearts in “Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass” (MCCT), Bobbie in “Last of the Red Hot Lovers” (StarFire Productions), Beatrice in “Much Ado About Nothing” (CNTC) and The Stage Manager in “Our Town” (CNTC).

Emily has served on the board for MCCT in the past and will be returning to those duties in 2023. She works at Sherwood Oaks Christian Church as the Director of Finance & Staff Experience and with Constellation Stage & Screen as their Playbill Coordinator. She has taught at the former Bloomington Academy of Film and Theatre (now Constellation Academy) and believes every life has a story to live and a story to tell. She believes kindness can change the world and that all people are worthy of love, kindness, and acceptance.

Bill Goveia (Giles Ralston) has been involved in Theatre and performing since 2005. He has worked with the Bloomington Playwright’s Project, Stary Night, Cardinal Stage and the Monroe County Civic Theatre. He loves acting, but has been known to design a set or two, as well as designing sound for a number of shows, constructing sets, and designing and executing on stage effects. Most recently, during the pandemic, he co-produced the online offerings with the MCCT.

While originally trained in Photojournalism and the History and Philosophy of Science, he has spent the last 30+ years in IT, where he has met with some success.

Bill is an avid reader, and a lifelong learner. He loves books, music (especially the blues), science fiction and theatre. His beloved daughter has given him 2 grandchildren with whom he loves spending time. He also enjoys time with the rest of his family. He would like to thank the community that provides the environment that allows us to do all this. He also cannot express enough gratitude for his partner, Janie, whose patience and support make all this possible.

Eric P. Van Gucht (Christopher Wren) grew up in Bloomington, and has lived most of his life here. Currently working in retail locally, he is a veteran of MCCT since 2008. He’s been in numerous Shakespeare roles with the group, most recently as Ned Poins in Henry IV, Part 1; other roles with MCCT include Urinetown (Lockstock) and When You Comin’ Back, Red Ryder? (Teddy). He is a 2011 graduate of Indiana University, holding a double B.A. in theatre and French.

Favorite past roles include Teddy (When You Comin’ Back Red Ryder), Lockstock (Urinetown), and directing Twelfth Night.

He would like to thank the cast, crew, and his family for their support!

After over 5 decades in the theatre, B. Stryker DeLong (Mrs. Boyle) has enjoyed many adventures both backstage and under the spotlight. As a dancer/performer from early adolescence until her later college years, she appeared in a variety of roles from Hellen Keller in The Miracle Worker to a Kit Kat Girl in Cabaret. She earned her degree at TTU and discovered her love of costuming there. Beckie has costumed productions from Portland, Oregon to NYC (off-off Broadway). These days, Beckie can be found stitching at Bloomington Stitchery.

When not costuming or stitching, B. Stryker can be found dancing with The Caravanseria Dancers and Different Drummer Belly Dancers. She has also been called to judge cos-play costume contests at local cons, including GenCon in Indianapolis, Comic Con in Columbus, and Bloomington Toy Con.

For MCCT, B. Stryker has appeared as Felicity in Farndale and Mickey in the Odd Couple. She has also costumed many of the Shakespeare in The Park productions, including Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, King Lear, As You Like It, and others. She believes that costumes have the power to enrich, enliven, and define every performance, every occasion, and every body.

She would like to express her deep gratitude, love, and appreciation to John, who’s support helps to create the space in which her imagination can fuel the adventure. To her village — her chosen family of dancers, stitchers, performers, and misfits (you know who you are) – she expresses gratitude for all the inspiration, the moral support, and for sharing in her journey. Let the adventures continue!

Roy Sillings (Major Metcalf) has been a part of MCCT for as long as we can remember, and he’s one of our go-to actors.

Roy Sillings appears frequently in MCCT Shakespeare productions and other roles from Humpty Dumpty to Dracula. He has also performed with Bloomington Playwrights, Merry MAC Players Community Theatre, Starry Night Productions, Cardinal Stage Company and at the Indianapolis Fringe Festval. He has appeared in several short films, has written several plays and designed sets.

Roy holds an A.B. in Classical Languages and a graduate degree in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University.

He has worked at Communication Disorders Technology, Inc. in software design and programming for nearly thirty years.

Steph Estes (Miss Casewell) is thrilled to return to the theater after an extended sojourn to a variety of stages of the world. Roles include, but not limited to: amature poker player, retired salesperson, doula, enthusiastic karaoker, nanny, humble traveler, and fierce contrarian debater. Putting both IU Bachelor degrees in Psychology and Theatre to use, Steph hopes to bring a heady not haughty vibe to the long lived legacy of Miss Casewell.

Appreciation must be gratefully given to MCCT, a local legacy in its own right, for patiently welcoming Steph to be a part of this upcoming production.

Steph says, “I would like to dedicate this performance to Tip, who is watching from the stars, Mama Sue, who has been watching me perform from the time I was little in the living room, and my niblings, ’cause they are my niblings. I love you all, as you have loved me. Oh, and thank you Feral, for shoeing Miss Casewell. I hope you are proud from beyond.”

Tom Trent (Mr. Paravicini) is thrilled to be on stage with his MCCT friends for the first time. He previously appeared in their zoom production of The Importance of Being Earnest During a Pandemic, as Lane. He has worked with several theatre groups over the last 40 years, including productions of Deathtrap and The Grapes of Wrath with Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette.

More recently he played The Narrator in The Little Theatre of Bedford production of Into The Woods. He has also starred in their productions of Pride and Prejudice, The Boat Club and The Holiday Channel Christmas Movie Wonderthon.

In 2019, Tom played Teddy Roosevelt in the Cardinal Stage (now Constellation Stage and Screen)production of Newsies. Tom’s work in radio includes the award-nominated Ernie Pyle Project and writing and acting with WFHB’s Firehouse Follies and The Usual Suspects Acting Troupe.

Kenny Hertling (Sergeant Trotter) is happy to be working with this wonderful group of people again and get The Mousetrap rolling! This project is exciting to work on with the twists and turns at every corner with this production. The world Agatha Christie creates is sure to be a thrilling slope for the audience while the characters figure out who to trust.

Recently, Kenny was seen with Constellation Stage and Screen as Stationmaster/Mr. Phillips in Anne of Green Gables and with Monroe County Civic Theatre as Hotspur in King Henry IV Part 1.

Thanks to Becky and Dan for working to get this production going!

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