Artist Profile: An All-star musician: Anthony Ouradnik

“Music inspires emotions, restores memories, and provides the foundation for any setting,”- Anthony Ournadik

MCCT’s 2021 Season is officially underway with the 6th episode of The MCCT Podcast!

The directors thought it’d be fun to include an “opening day” theme for the episode.  Opening Day is the day in which professional baseball leagues begin their regular season. They also thought it’d be fun to include organ music that you would typically hear at the ballpark to complete the experience.  That’s when they came across a video on Youtube made by Anthony Ouradnik entitled “NEW Ballpark Organ Music.”

In the video, Anthony can be heard playing samples of sports organ music.  He generously allowed our podcast’s directors to use his music to fit their vision.

Here’s a link to “The MCCT Podcast – Episode 6” featuring Anthony’s organ music:

Here’s a link to Anthony’s video – “NEW Ballpark Organ Music”:

Here’s a link to Anthony’s Youtube Channel where you can hear more of his music:

Anthony Ouradnik has played the piano since the age of three and taught himself to play the organ. He plays at special events, including weddings, and parties. He also takes song requests for his Youtube videos. If you have a song request for him, he can be contacted here:

He says, “Dreams really do come true, but it takes some effort and time. With a little patience, a performance can take you ‘Over the Rainbow’ and leave an amazing impression.”

Here’s a video link to his rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

You can check out his Facebook page, “Music From the Heart,” here:

You can follow his music activity on Twitter:

We’d like to thank Anthony for allowing us to use his music and supporting our theater!

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