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Actor Profile: Gwen Livesay says goodbye to Bloomington with a Tour de Force as Cordelia in King Lear

Actor Profile: Gwen Livesay says goodbye to Bloomington with a Tour de Force as Cordelia in King Lear

Gwen Livesay has made the Bloomington Theater scene her home for several years. As she prepares to move after the close of the show, we talked to her about Cordelia, theater, and what it all means.

What made you audition for Lear? 

It’s one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays and one of his best tragedies. Cordelia is one of the strongest female characters in a Shakespeare play, and I was interested in playing that.

Why do you think this story matters for today’s audiences?

I think it matters because it shows how narcissism in a country’s leader can bring about the downfall of that country  Under our current administration, we’re seeing how that plays out.

What new things have you learned as a result of this show?

This show has challenged me as an actor in new ways. Cordelia isn’t onstage very much, but when she is, she has a very weighty presence. I’ve also learned that I’m really good at playing dead.

Community/Civic theater is a unique challenge. What has been the hardest part of this show? The easiest?

Surprisingly, learning the lines has been the hardest part. I’m usually quite good at memorizing lines, but this show has proven harder than usual. The easiest part for me is acting with a group of people I feel at ease with.

How did you get involved with MCCT?

Three years ago, I had a small role in Cymbeline, that year’s summer Shakespeare.  I’ve gradually worked my way up to playing more significant roles and even co-directed one play.

What do you do when you’re not rehearsing and memorizing Shakespeare?

I work at IU Varsity Shop in Assembly Hall.

Why should audiences come to this show?

It’s one of Shakespeare’s best plays.  It also has strong female characters and themes that are still relevant today.

Come see Gwen and the rest of the King Lear cast beginning next Friday!

  • October 12, 13, 18, 19, and 20 at 7:00pm
  • October 14 at 3:00pm

Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center Rose Firebay.

Get your tickets today at mcct.yapsody.com.

Uncertainty (Or, Imprecision) Cast Announcement

Uncertainty (Or, Imprecision) Cast Announcement

Uncertainty (or Imprecision) by Nicholas Krohn, is a new comedic play about three friends who meet at a bar on the same night to provide moral support for each other as they embark on their respective online dating prospects for the evening. Along for the ride is the bartender supplying the trio with plenty of liquid courage as well as two well-known (and completely out of their respective dimensions) scientists supplying plenty of terrible advice for the trio of friends as they embark on their first physical meeting with the people they have been chatting with online. The dates themselves prove to be one disaster after another in this bizarre and madcap comedy that proves once and for all that dating is the worst, but we all may as well laugh about it.
Stan: Emily Bedwell
Stephen Hawking: Gregory Maus
Werner Heisenberg: Emily Mcgee
Eric: Matt Fletcher
Allison: Jessica Joslin
Stacy: Heather Wesner
Mitchell: Lucas Kempe-Cook
Swan: Bill Goveia
Debra: Evangeline Mee
Uncertainty (or Imprecision) will be performed September 9-11 at Oddball Fermentables in Bloomington. Tickets will go on sale in early August! Don’t miss it!
Actor Profile: As Ferdinand, Caleb Curtis Explores Bravery, Love and Loss

Actor Profile: As Ferdinand, Caleb Curtis Explores Bravery, Love and Loss

MCCT newcomer Caleb Curtis brings to life Ferdinand, the Prince of Naples, in The Tempest. We sat down with him before his MCCT debut to talk about dream roles, Ferdinand’s love and uncertainty, and what makes being a part of Shakespeare in the Park is really like.
How did you get involved with theater?
A friend of mine who was a part of Monroe County Civic Theater in the past heard that I was looking to be in a show before I went to Interlochen Camp of the Arts for the rest of the summer and suggested that I audition. So I did, and here I am!
How have you approached the role of Ferdinand?
Ferdinand is the Prince of Naples, and with that comes a massive amount of responsibility! I believe that Ferdinand is very reluctant to accept this position in life, and because of that has a supreme lack of confidence in himself and his abilities. Ariel mentions to Prospero that Ferdinand was the first to LEAP from the boat when it wrecked, and to me, that sounds like a man who is afraid. Throughout the course of the play, when Ferdinand speaks of himself, he is either building himself up to an amusing rate or tearing himself down, which I think supports the fact that he is very insecure. Miranda is not only the love of his life but through his love for her, he finds a strength that he never knew he had and she gives him the confidence that might help him one day accept his position in life.
What’s it like rehearsing each night in the park?
It allows me to absorb some vitamin D! In all seriousness, I really enjoy the ability to rehearse outside, considering most of my rehearsals take place in a cold dark theater. Sure, it gets hot sometimes, but the heat and the surroundings of the park really lend itself to this play! And for being in the middle of downtown Bloomington, this park is extremely beautiful!
What are your top three dream roles?
Edmond From A Long Day’s Journey Into Night, Christopher from the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, and a tie between Ned Weeks from The Normal Heart and Prior from Angels in America.
Why should Bloomington audiences come out to “The Tempest”?
This production of The Tempest is extremely immersive! The space that we find ourselves in, the nature of the play, and the way our director Rory has blocked this show takes the play off the stage and puts it right in front of the audience! I think this is a timely play that tackles many important themes including love, abuse of power, displacement, dealing with feeling alone, and even facing death. And, you even get a good laugh once in awhile! This cast is really doing the best they can to make this a memorable version of this frequently done play, and I think the work we’ve put in shows!
What do you hope the audience takes away from this production?
I hope audiences are able to identify with some aspects of these characters and the quirks and fears that they have! I hope the audience is able to receive the needed message that this play provides that Shakespeare has wrapped in a bow of magic, charm, and humor.

Come see Caleb and the rest of the 2018 Shakespeare in the Park cast and crew May 31-June 3 at Waldron Hill Buskirk Park (formerly Third Street Park).

  • Thursday-Saturday shows are at 7:00pm, with a pre-show performance of Tempest in a Teacup at 6:45pm.
  • The Sunday matinee is at 3:00pm with a 2:45pm preshow.

As always, Shakespeare in the Park is free!

Stage Manager Needed for The Show Must Go On

Stage Manager Needed for The Show Must Go On

Katelin Hope Vesely is directing this Bloomington, IN musical cabaret of Queen/Freddie Mercury songs and they already have rehearsals for some acts underway, but she has received a new employment position that will prevent her from attending the first hour or two of each rehearsal beginning May 7th (this won’t be the case during performances and hopefully tech week). She is looking for someone to help with the logistical and organizational side of rehearsals. Each musical number is being directed by a Musical Director and so her directorial presence will be focused on casting lead vocalists, conveying thematic ideas, and helping to outsource resources and personnel (such as choreographers, costumers, lighting designers, etc).

Rehearsals begin at approximately 6:30pm Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, so this individual would need to arrive and be available from 6 until 9pm those nights. Rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings will begin pending procuring rehearsal space for those evenings, and we are considering some Friday and Saturday rehearsals depending on cast availability. Some aspects of this schedule are negotiable for this position.


Duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Opening the building for the rehearsal space before cast arrives to each rehearsal (as necessary)
  • Providing help designing logistics for the rehearsal schedule, what will be rehearsed, and who will attend
  • Creating a roll call list for each rehearsal
  • Emailing and facebook posting about each rehearsal the night before or morning of
  • Creating a checklist/sign in sheet and checking off who is there
  • Making sure that everyone has materials necessary (may include facilitating printing)
  • Maintaining order at the rehearsals
  • Providing insight, answering questions, troubleshooting, recording questions for later
  • Taking notes about what gets done (including choreography notes) and what needs to be worked on
  • Filling in for any lead vocalist who is missing (quality of singing isn’t being judged, this can be worked around if an otherwise qualified applicant objects to this responsibility)

Monroe County Civic Theater is Bloomington’s only all-volunteer, amateur community theater company. While this position is unpaid, it can be listed on a resume and is a good reference when wanting to show management experience. This show already has 4 musical directors, an assistant director, a venue liaison, outreach coordinators, and a great cast. Please email Katelin at mcctqueen@gmail.com to ask questions and/or arrange for an interview.

Thanks for your support!

“Tempest in a Teacup” Cast

“Tempest in a Teacup” Cast

Before every performance of “The Tempest,” MCCT is proud to present our children’s theater’s debut show: “Tempest in a Teacup.” This abbreviated, fast-paced version of the show will give audiences a preview of “The Tempest” and help them understand the story a little better.

Here is our “Tempest in a Teacup” Cast:

  • Prospero – William Whitaker
  • Ariel – Veronica Piurek
  • Antonio – Sabrina Balle-Voyles
  • Alonso – Avery Beck
  • Gonzalo – Nola Somers Glen
  • Caliban – Duncan Bowman
  • Wood Sprites – Charlie Black & Sam Riggins
  • Ladies of the Court – Rosie Black & Evelyn Riggins