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Making Magic Behind the Scenes – Meet Stage Manager Dorothy Granger!

Making Magic Behind the Scenes – Meet Stage Manager Dorothy Granger!

There’s a good chance you’ve seen Dorothy at an MCCT show. She’s usually dressed all in black and she’s making sure the show happens from behind the curtain. As a seasoned Stage Manager, Dorothy is someone everyone in MCCT has come to rely on! Read on to hear why she volunteers with us and what being a part of MCCT means to her!

What brought you to MCCT in the first place?  
Jen Whitaker, we were at WFHB one day with nothing to do…

Why did you want to be a part of Farndale? 
Farndale is a hilarious script and who would not want to be a part of it?!?

What is the most challenging part of your role? 
Say WHAT?!? You think actors are the only ones with challenges?!?

How did you become a stage manager? It seems like hard work!
My daughter was in a professional company (Louisville/New Albany) when she was young and I was forced to sit through rehearsals…I mean, I went to all the rehearsals and am not very good at just sitting and being a good girl so I volunteered to help back stage and the rest is history. I am generally an organized person and this helps back stage.

What is something unexpected that you’ve learned by being a part of community theater? 
I’m not sure it was unexpected, but I love that everyone has a role in community theatre! Acting is not easy and it’s not for everyone…except here. Everyone is welcome, everyone is encouraged, and everyone can play!

What is your favorite thing about this show? 
The show is hilarious and it is fun to watch the actors have fun!

What is your biggest challenge with this show? 
Trying to stay healthy has been a challenge not only for me but for the majority of people involved with the show. So when you hear deep, guttural coughing backstage, it isn’t necessarily me.

What would surprise the audience to know about you? 
I am a quiet, retiring, bookish sort of woman.

Stage Manager Needed for The Show Must Go On

Stage Manager Needed for The Show Must Go On

Katelin Hope Vesely is directing this Bloomington, IN musical cabaret of Queen/Freddie Mercury songs and they already have rehearsals for some acts underway, but she has received a new employment position that will prevent her from attending the first hour or two of each rehearsal beginning May 7th (this won’t be the case during performances and hopefully tech week). She is looking for someone to help with the logistical and organizational side of rehearsals. Each musical number is being directed by a Musical Director and so her directorial presence will be focused on casting lead vocalists, conveying thematic ideas, and helping to outsource resources and personnel (such as choreographers, costumers, lighting designers, etc).

Rehearsals begin at approximately 6:30pm Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, so this individual would need to arrive and be available from 6 until 9pm those nights. Rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings will begin pending procuring rehearsal space for those evenings, and we are considering some Friday and Saturday rehearsals depending on cast availability. Some aspects of this schedule are negotiable for this position.


Duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Opening the building for the rehearsal space before cast arrives to each rehearsal (as necessary)
  • Providing help designing logistics for the rehearsal schedule, what will be rehearsed, and who will attend
  • Creating a roll call list for each rehearsal
  • Emailing and facebook posting about each rehearsal the night before or morning of
  • Creating a checklist/sign in sheet and checking off who is there
  • Making sure that everyone has materials necessary (may include facilitating printing)
  • Maintaining order at the rehearsals
  • Providing insight, answering questions, troubleshooting, recording questions for later
  • Taking notes about what gets done (including choreography notes) and what needs to be worked on
  • Filling in for any lead vocalist who is missing (quality of singing isn’t being judged, this can be worked around if an otherwise qualified applicant objects to this responsibility)

Monroe County Civic Theater is Bloomington’s only all-volunteer, amateur community theater company. While this position is unpaid, it can be listed on a resume and is a good reference when wanting to show management experience. This show already has 4 musical directors, an assistant director, a venue liaison, outreach coordinators, and a great cast. Please email Katelin at mcctqueen@gmail.com to ask questions and/or arrange for an interview.

Thanks for your support!