Here you’ll find links to our featured short films by members of our community!  Our goal is to encourage local filmmakers to share their work by promoting their short films through our platforms. 
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The Reunion
When Maryann wakes up with an allergic reaction, her plans of attending her 50-year High School are thwarted.  Inspired by true events.
Directed by
Maryann Iaria & Jason Lopez
Written by
Maryann Iaria
Maryann Iaria, Becky Stapf, Mike Kendall, & Dianne Shewmaker
Love After Love

When someone dies, a part of the universe dies with them. But death is not the end, only the beginning to something else – perhaps even love.  This film was chosen to be seen at IU’s Spring Term Film Festival.

Written and directed by
Sanyam Dawar
Starring Becky Stapf, Maryann Iaria, Harsh Malhotra, & Dahlia Aggarwal
No Long Talk

Two lovebirds are hitting the road for an adventure. This is how it begins!

Written and directed by
Sanyam Dawar

Kristen Marie Pimley & Harsh Malhotra