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Meet Mr. Peach – Steve Scott

Meet Mr. Peach – Steve Scott

Steve Scott becomes Mr. Peach in Farndale Macbeth

As we get closer to our Farndale Macbeth opening, we want to introduce you to some of our cast and crew. First up is Steve Scott. Steve has been a fixture in the MCCT and BPP worlds for years, but his role in Farndale is unlike anything he’s ever done before!

What brought you to MCCT in the first place?
A former President of MCCT, Eric Anderson, saw my silly theatrics when I taught children’s classes at my martial arts school. In 2012 he asked me to play the role of “the fireman” in “Studs Terkel’s Working: The Musical”. I loved it.

Why did you want to be a part of Farndale?
The role of Peach offers me a chance to stretch out and test my range as an actor.

What is the most challenging part of your role?
The wardrobe, the makeup. I’ve been getting a LOT of help with that!

What is something unexpected that you’ve learned by being a part of community theater?
It isn’t so much what I’ve learned but who I’ve gotten to know. I’ve met some outstanding people through my years at MCCT.

What is your favorite thing about this show?
It’s tremendously funny. I acted in four of MCCT’s Shakespeare productions and get the biggest kick out of seeing a farce built around “The Scottish Play”.

What is your biggest challenge with this show?
See #3. With the addition that walking in heels might be a challenge…

What would surprise the audience to know about you?
In real life I’m Mr. Peach’s antithesis. If I can make Steve Scott disappear and become a convincing George Peach, I’ll count it a success.

Farndale opens April 12 at Stages Bloomington. Tickets are $15 and available now. Get yours here!

Macbeth Sells Out All Shows

Macbeth Sells Out All Shows

After 3 1/2 months of extremely hard work by cast and crew, Macbeth opened to a packed house on Friday October 16th and played a sold out weekend at Blockhouse Bloomington.

Ken Pimple submitted the following review:

I’ve seen Macbeth live at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival and the Indiana University theater,  as well as a couple of movies. Guess what? This was the best, hands down. As one would expect of an amateur troupe, the acting is uneven, but the key characters – Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Banquo, and Macduff – were played brilliantly.

Macbeth’s dramatic arch – confident warrior, hesitant traitor, determined murderer, guilt-ridden victim of his and his lady’s ambitions, sleepless paranoid, and defiant warrior – was masterful.

Lady Macbeth was charming, alluring, composed, and brutally insane.

Banquo was the most ghastly ghost I’ve ever seen.

Macduff broke my heart when he learned that his “pretty chickens and their dam” were gone.

There were also several humorous moments. The porter’s scene was bawdy and energetic, and Lennox’s description of the unruly night, capped by Macbeth’s response, was hilarious. You had to see it to believe it.