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Join us Oct 24!

Join us Oct 24!

For our October 24 REVUE show, MCCT will give 50 people a whole TWO DOLLARS simply to be Audience!


Over the last few years, the quality of our shows has been so good that reviewers have bemoaned that more people haven’t seen the show. The MCCT Board has decided to take a One-Hundred Dollar Advertising Budget and give it to YOU!


Our Revue shows are an initiative meant to allow people to perform who cannot commit to long rehearsal periods. More Community! This Revue will have Music! Maybe Dance! Humans dressed like Cats! Dementia Friendly! Great for Kids! WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?!?!

Tickets on Sale: Frozen

Tickets on Sale: Frozen

FROZEN by Bryony Lavery is the story of three people: a serial killer, the mother of one of his victims, and a psychiatrist that is studying the minds of serial killers. Told over the course of two decades, Frozen looks at loss, hate, fear, redemption and forgiveness. Told primarily through monologues, the audience goes on an emotional journey as three people, linked by the unspeakable, slowly come face to face with each other. Due to the nature of the content and language, the show is for those 16 and older. Frozen stars three familiar Bloomington actors: Emily Solt McGee (Agnetha), Steve Scott (Ralph) and Jennifer Whitaker (Nancy).

Join us this weekend for Twelfth Night

Join us this weekend for Twelfth Night

Art by Roy Sillings

Our first Shakespeare show of 2019 is May 17-19 at the Windfall Dance Studio. Check out what director Eric P. Van Gucht has to say about the show and get your tickets today at!

Twelfth Night was my first Shakespearean show as an actor, playing Fabian at Bloomington North as a senior in high school; nearly fifteen years later, I am so grateful to have a chance to do this show as a director. Revisiting it has given me a new insight into the brilliance of this play.

Times are obviously very strange right now. With this show, I want audiences to be able to laugh despite the ridiculousness, perhaps because of it. Additionally, this play’s subtitle is “Or What You Will.” We ask you to suspend your disbelief tonight, and a treasure of this play is that Shakespeare allows his audience a chance to be a part of the joke. Because of this, you may notice we’ve done some things a little differently, a little wink to the audience here and there (some subtle, others not so much).

For stylistic purposes, I wanted to go with a Carnival/Mardi Gras theme. I felt like the unabashed joy of the ceremonies, combined with the atmosphere that comes from the scenery and costumes, convey the message that it’s okay to be a little ridiculous sometimes.

Thanks to a wonderful cast/crew, co-workers, friends and family, who keep encouraging me.

Enjoy the show, and like Feste the jester says, “We’ll strive to please you every day.”

  • Eric P. Van Gucht, director

Cast List:

Viola – Robin Pyle 
Sebastian – Micheal Harrison 
Orsino – Jason Howard 
Olivia – Katie Benson 
Feste – Zilia Balkansky-Selles 
Sir Toby Belch – Steve Heise
Sir Andrew Aguecheek – Jason Lopez 
Malvolio – Roy Sillings 
Maria – Heather Howard 
Fabian – Rhianna Jones 
Antonio – Mary Cusato 
Priest/Captain/Ensemble – Connie Temm 

Photos from Twelfth Night:

Farndale Macbeth Tickets On Sale Now!

Farndale Macbeth Tickets On Sale Now!

Join us April 12-14 for this hilarious comedy! What happens when an all-women’s dramatic society tries to put on Macbeth? Craziness, that’s what. Add in missing cast members, a special audience member, and more, and you have a recipe for hilarity!

Farndale Tickets

Farndale Macbeth kicks off our 2019 Mainstage Shows!

Farndale Macbeth kicks off our 2019 Mainstage Shows!

Our first spring show this year is a lively and hilarious farce by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jnr – “The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s production of Macbeth!”

Our director for this adventure is Bill Goveia. AND we have an incredible cast that includes:

Mr. Peach, the critic – Steve Scott

Henry, stage manager (Lady Macbeth) – Martin Cusato

Plummer, the producer – Dan Heise

Mrs. Reece (Lady Macduff, Doctor) – Becky Stapf

Thelma (Macbeth, Ross) – Jennifer Whitaker

Minnie (Banquo, Macduff’s Child) – Nancie Eagan

Dawn (1st Witch, Porter, 2nd Murderer, Duncan) – Maryann Iaria

Felicity (2nd Witch, Seyton, 1st Murderer, Malcolm, Gentlewoman) – Rebecca DeLong

Kate (3rd Witch, Macduff, Messenger) – Sarah Mae Ruggles

Gwynneth (Fleance, Voices) – Dianne Shewmaker

Here’s a photo gallery of the show:

Meet the 2018 Board Candidates

Meet the 2018 Board Candidates

Steve Heise has been working with MCCT since 1999 and has served on the board since 2015, in the office of Vice-President since January of 2016. He has acted in numerous plays and readings, most recently as Bennett in Tom Stoppard’s Travesties, Talthybios in Euripides’ Trojan Women, and Uncle Billy in It’s a Wonderful Life (adapted by Russell McGee).  Steve has also directed many of MCCT’s productions since joining the board, including co-directing Macbeth with Jennifer Whitaker in 2015, directing Much Ado About Nothing and the staged reading of The Importance of Being Earnest in 2016, and both As You Like It and Travesties in 2017 as well as serving as primary set constructor on all shows since Macbeth and serving as a producer on MCCT’s very successful fundraising symposium for Middle Way House in December 2017. Steve plans to devote over 1000 hours to MCCT in 2018, including directing the company’s fall production of King Lear.





Roy Sillings has been working with MCCT since 2005 and has served on the board since 2006. He has acted in numerous plays and readings, most recently as Henry Carr (elder) in Tom Stoppard’s Travesties, Jacques in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, and Poseidon in Euripides’ Trojan Women. Roy also has the distinction of performing in nearly all the Shakespeare in the Park productions for the last decade. In addition to acting, Roy has written and adapted scripts for MCCT productions, directed and sound edited radio plays, and designed sets, including sets for several Shakespeare productions including Pericles, Henry VIII, As You Like It, and Much Ado About Nothing. Roy regularly does research and serves as our dramaturge as well as a mentor to our newer and younger actors. And he designs the signature cocktail for each of our shows – a masterful feat indeed.





Frank Buzcolich has been working with MCCT since 1995 and has served on the board for many years, holding the position of both Board President and Vice President during his tenure. He is currently an at-large member. Frank has been involved in multiple MCCT productions as an actor, director, and producer, including several runs of the Director’s Symposium as well as numerous shows at Third Street Park and the Waldron Arts Center. His most recent role was Mr. Gower in It’s a Wonderful Life (adapted by Russell McGee). Frank would like to continue on the board with the specific interest in compiling a comprehensive history of Monroe County Civic Theater.






Maryann Iaria has been working with MCCT since 2012 and has served on the board for nearly as long. During her time on the board, Maryann has primarily been responsible for publicity, using her contacts with the Herald Times, WFIU, BEAD, IDS, and the IU Theater Department as well as other community organizations to get coverage and advertising into the press and community arts calendars for nearly every show since joining the board and all show since 2015. Maryann has acted in numerous MCCT productions, most recently as Cecily Carruthers (elder) in Tom Stoppard’s Travesties, a Chorus member in Euripides’ Trojan Women, and Cousin Eunice in It’s a Wonderful Life (adapted by Russell McGee). Maryann has also served as a property mistress, stage manager, and written two successful REMC grant proposals with former treasurer Brant Hughes.






Katelin Vesely has been working with MCCT since 1995. If elected, this will be her first time serving on the board. During her nearly 23 years with the company, Katelin has directed (A Midsummer Night’s Dream: An 80’s Musical 2002, Celestina 2001), assistant directed (Cyrano de Bergerac 1997, Death of a Salesman 1998) and stage managed (Titus Andronicus 1997, Henry V 1999, Othello 2009, Much Ado About Nothing 2016). She has also acted in and helped with production on over 30 MCCT productions, including 9 since 2015. Her most recent acting roles were as Hymen in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Athena/Chorus in Euripides’ Trojan Women, and Cousin Tilly in It’s a Wonderful Life (adapted by Russell McGee).  Alongside an Honors degree in Art History granted in 2013, Katelin also earned a certificate in Arts Administration through IU in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. She would like to bring her academic focus on marketing, social media networking, law and the art, and installation curation to the MCCT board as a member who has a lifelong commitment to the organization and to the Bloomington arts community.




Jason Lopez has been working with MCCT since 2015. If elected, this will be his first time serving on the board. During his time with the company, Jason has acted in 11 MCCT productions, most recently as Tristan Tzara in Tom Stoppard’s Travesties, Amiens in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Harry Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life (adapted by Russell McGee), and Claudio in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Jason has also written and performed musical scores and original songs for MCCT’s productions of Euripides’ Trojan Women and Shakespeare’s As You Like It. He also had his original play Gorilla of Dreams produced for December 2017’s Director’s Symposium. Jason strongly believes that community theater enriches and empowers individuals in positive ways, brings people together, and can strengthen and uplift the entire community.  As a board member, Jason would like to create more opportunities for young people to educate them on the performance process and to express themselves creatively by helping to set up a children’s program for MCCT. He would also like to create ways for MCCT to offer acting and music lessons, script-writing workshops, and create podcasts to share original material.




Isadore James Torry aka I. James Torry has been working with MCCT since 2005. He has served on the board as a non-voting member on and off for a number of years. If elected, this will be his first time serving on the board as a voting member. James has worked as both an actor and director on MCCT productions. As an actor, James has played roles in shows that include Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra, Working (based on the work of Studs Terkel), 12 Angry Jurors (adapted from 12 Angry Men). James recently directed MCCT’s successful Fall 2017 production of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple (Female Version) and is set to direct MCCT’s Spring 2018 production of Mark Medoff’s When You Comin’ Back Red Ryder?. James also has experience working with Bloomington Repertory Theater, Cardinal Stage, and Bloomington Playwrights Project. As a board member, James would use that experience to help grow the company. He feels that MCCT is a great company with a great heart for community theatre and the community.


Director’s Symposium XVIII

Director’s Symposium XVIII

MCCT will be hosting our annual Director’s Symposium & Variety Show on December 10th from  5-7pm at The Player’s Pub.
The Player’s Pub is open to all ages and will be serving food and drinks. Free desserts will be donated by local businesses.
FREE ADMISSION! We will be accepting donations for Middle Way House/The Rise! There will also be an auction of items from local businesses at intermission!
This year’s Director’s Symposium & Variety Show will be featuring 3 brand-new works from local writers: Jason Lopez, Connie Shakalis, and Eric VanGucht! There will also be a variety of musical acts with special guests: The Helber Sisters Band!
Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to support the community!
Today is Giving Tuesday!

Today is Giving Tuesday!

Today is Giving Tuesday!

As you think about where you want to donate today, please consider Monroe County Civic Theater! We are Bloomington’s only all-volunteer theater company, and our mission is to give everyone who wants to experience what it’s like to be involved in theater a chance.

In the last year, we have had over 100 people participate in an MCCT production, whether cast or crew, and we feel like that’s something to celebrate!

MCCT is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit and your giving is 100% tax-deductible.

Give here:

Thank you for including MCCT in your Giving Tuesday!

Successful Run for Travesties!

Successful Run for Travesties!

What a successful and fun show! The cast and crew brought their quirky humor and acting chops to the stage for MCCT’s production of Tom Stoppard’s Travesties. MCCT could not have performed this absurdist comedy without the help of our community of volunteer artists, designers, and sponsors.

Special thanks to Oddball Fermentables, Sherwood Oaks Christian ChurchMonroe County Martial Arts, Ken Pimple & Jennifer Livesay, Taylor & Josh Bennett, William A. Henry, and Susan J Rautio-Dietz, PhD.

The Herald-Times wrote a review for Travesties, you can find a copy of the review HERE.

What did you think of the show? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Here are some photos from the show:

Promotional poster by Emily Mcgee
Gwen Livesay as Cecily Carruthers and William Henry as Henry Carr
William Henry and Roy Sillings as younger/older versions of Henry Carr
Roy Sillings as Henry Carr
Gwen Livesay as Cecily Carruthers and Emily Mcgee as Gwendolen Carr
Steve Heise as Bennett and William Henry as Henry Carr
Jennifer Whitaker as Nadya
Steve Scott as Vladimir Lenin
Gwen Livesay as Cecily Carruthers
Maryann Iaria, Dan Heise, and costume designer Jen Horsley
Vladimir Lenin, James Joyce, and Tristan Tzara
Nadya and Vladimir Lenin
Jason Lopez as Tristan Tzara
Tickets on sale now for Tom Stoppard’s Travesties

Tickets on sale now for Tom Stoppard’s Travesties

Tickets for MCCT’s winter show Tom Stoppard’s Travesties are now on sale HERE!!!

Show dates are November 2nd, 8th, & 9th at 7pm

at Oddball Fermentables (1211 South Walnut St, Bloomington, IN 47401)

Tickets are $15/each.

Join us for a fun night of absurdism!!

Travesties is made possible with donations from the following sponsors: Oddball Fermentables and The Livesay family.