CAST ANNOUNCEMENT: The Plot to Overthrow Christmas

Recording will occur this weekend for the MCCT/WFHB/Firehouse Follies Christmas 2015 radio production of The Plot to Overthrow Christmas by Norman Corwin.

Co-directed by Roy Sillings and Zilia Clara Sellés
Producer: Yolanda Valdivia
Sound Engineer: Brant E. Hughes

The Cast (in order of appearance):

Narrator: Ken Ganza

Sotto Voce (1): Janet Templeton-Heise

Voce Sotto (2): Gwen Livesay

Messenger: Carter Makice

Nero: Kevin Makice

Mephisto: Becky Stapf

Haman: Denise Valkyrie

Ivan: Ken Pimple

Salome: Hannah Leigh Jones

Attila: Kevin Knight

Caligula: Joel Watson

Lucretia: Mary Emma Heaps

Legree: Pip Chamberlain

Traveler 1: Maryann Iaria

Traveler 2: Roy Sillings

Traveler 3: Andrew M. Bowen

Traveler 4: Owen Walters

Reporter 1: Jason Lopez

Reporter 2: Sarah Mae Ruggles

Reporter 3: Katelin Vessely

Santa: Frank S. Buczolich

 The show will air 12/20 at 9pm and 12/25 at 5pm on 91.3 WFHB.