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Directors’ Symposium Photo Gallery (2019)

Directors’ Symposium Photo Gallery (2019)

The Directors’ Symposium took place in February of 2019 at the Monroe County Public Library Auditorium

“MCCT starting to do quick turnaround projects this year is meant to encourage people who can only commit to a week or two. (We want) to train to be quickly productive. And to give authors a chance to hear their words in play,”

– Steve Heise, Board President


Here are some photos from that evening:

2nd Annual Madrigal Dinner Photo Gallery (2012)

2nd Annual Madrigal Dinner Photo Gallery (2012)

The 2nd Annual Madrigal Dinner took place on December 2, 2012 at The Fields Clubhouse.

On Sunday, December 2nd, the Bloomington Early Music Festival, otherwise known as BLEMF, together with the Monroe County Civic Theater will be presenting a Madrigal Dinner.  The dinner primarily acts as a fundraiser for the festival, but BLEMF Vice President Christine Kypiranides says the dinner is also a revival of a former Bloomington holiday pastime.

“We decided to join forces which is really exciting for us because that allows MCCT to really focus on the theatrical end of it—the jesters, the story, the costumes, and things like that—and really take advantage of the excellent music that comes out of the Jacobs School, since we’ll be utilizing talent from the Early Music Institute,”

– Eric Anderson, Jr.

Monroe County Civic Theater and Bloomington Early Music Festival are joining forces this year and putting on a joint Madrigal Dinner.

Where: At The Fields Clubhouse in the Apartment Complex on Fenbrook Ln.

When: Sunday Dec. 2 doors open at 5:00 p.m. for preshow and silent auction.

Tickets: Available at Buskirk Chumley Box Office until Wednesday, November 28 – no tickets sold at door, must get early.

Cost: $55

Preshow includes: Aerial acts and Fire acts by LaCore Valmon Circus and Henna painting as well as strolling musicians and singers.

Dinner entertainment by the BLEMF musicians and MCCT Actors and concert by Early Music Institute at IU.

Please come and support these local groups and buy a ticket and invite your friends to do the same. or for more info

Three Musketeers: All Swash and No Buckle Photo Gallery (2013)

Three Musketeers: All Swash and No Buckle Photo Gallery (2013)

The Three Musketeers: All Swash & No Buckle was performed July 26-27, 2013 at the Windfall Dance Studio.  It was directed by Crystal White.

“‘Musketeers’ is a farce that I have been comparing to the 1993 Disney version, instead of the Dumas novel. My take has been to bring the story out of the 17th century and make it accessible for a modern audience,”

– Director, Crystal White.

Here are some photos from the performance:
25th Anniversary Shakespeare in the Park Festival – Community Readings of all Shakespeare’s Plays (2014)

25th Anniversary Shakespeare in the Park Festival – Community Readings of all Shakespeare’s Plays (2014)

“Monroe County Civic Theater will perform “Hamlet” June 6 and 7 at 7 p.m. and June 8 at 2 p.m. at Waldron, Hill and Buskirk Park. In addition, a reading of each of Shakespeare’s 36 other plays will be held at various locations across Bloomington, starting today with “Much Ado About Nothing” at Rachael’s Cafe and continuing through next week. Readings are open to anyone who wishes to volunteer. The festival is free and open to the public, with donations accepted.”

– from The Herald-Times’ reviewer Emily Ernsberger (2014)

Shakespeare schedule

“Hamlet” will be a full production of an early version of Shakespeare’s play by the Monroe County Civic Theater. Other listings below are readings by volunteers.


• “Much Ado About Nothing,” 7 p.m., Rachael’s Cafe.


• “Two Noble Kinsmen,” 9 a.m., Monroe County Public Library.

• “King John,” 11:30 a.m., Windfall Dance Studio.

• “Two Gentleman of Verona,” 2 p.m., Rachael’s Cafe.

• “King Richard II,” 4:30 p.m., Windfall Dance Studio.

• “Julius Caesar,” 7 p.m., Rachael’s Cafe.


• “King Henry IV, Part 1,” 11: 30 a.m., Windfall Dance Studio.

• “The Tempest,” 2 p.m., Rachael’s Cafe.

• “Comedy of Errors,” 4:30 p.m., Project School.

• “Antony and Cleopatra,” 4:30 p.m., Windfall Dance Studio.

• “Romeo and Juliet,” 7 p.m., Rachael’s Cafe.


• “Pericles,” 9 a.m., Monroe County Public Library.

• “King Henry IV, Part 2,” 11:30 a.m., Monroe County Public Library.

• “The Winter’s Tale,” 2 p.m., Rachael’s Cafe.

• “King Henry V,” 7 p.m., Cardinal Stage.

• “Macbeth,” 7 p.m., Rose Firebay in Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center.


• “Merchant of Venice,” 9 a.m., Monroe County Public Library.

• “King Henry VI, Part 1,” 11:30 a.m., Monroe County History Center.

• “Love’s Labours Lost,” 2 p.m., Rachael’s Cafe.

• “Corialanus,” 4:30 p.m., Monroe County Public Library.

• “Othello,” 7 p.m., Rose Firebay.


• “Cymbeline,” 9 a.m., Monroe County Public Library.

• “King Henry VI, Part 2” 11:30 a.m., Monroe County History Center.

• “All’s Well That Ends Well,” 2 p.m., Rachael’s Cafe.

• “As You Like It,” 7 p.m., Rose Firebay.


• “Twelfth Night,” 9 a.m., Monroe County Public Library.

• “King Richard III” 11:30 a.m., Monroe County History Center.

• “Troilus and Cressida,” 2 p.m., Rachael’s Cafe.

• “Titus Andronicus,” 4:30 p.m., Monroe County Public Library.

• “King Lear,” 7 p.m., Rose Firebay.

FRIDAY, June 6

• “Merry Wives of Windsor,” 9 a.m., Monroe County Public Library.

• “King Henry VIII,” 11:30 a.m., Monroe County Public Library.

• “Taming of the Shrew,” 2 p.m., Rachael’s Cafe.

• “Hamlet,” 7 p.m., Waldron, Hill and Buskirk Park, 331 S. Washington St.


• “Measure for Measure,” 9 a.m., Monroe County Public Library.

• “Timon of Athens,” 11:30 a.m., Monroe County Public Library.

• “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” 2 p.m., Harmony School.

• “Hamlet,” 7 p.m., Waldron, Hill and Buskirk Park.

SUNDAY, June 8

• “Hamlet,” 2 p.m., Waldon, Hill and Buskirk Park.

Macbeth Photo Gallery (2012)

Macbeth Photo Gallery (2012)

“We’re celebrating the 26th year of the Monroe County Civic Theater in Bloomington,” said Sheila Butler, director of the play. “And Shakespeare in the Park has been a part of it for close to 20 years.”

– from the Indiana Daily Student News

Local theatre prepares for Shakespeare outing

MCCT proudly presents Macbeth by William Shakespeare June 7, 8 and 9 at 7 p.m. and June 10 at 3 p.m.

Bring a picnic, lawnchairs, blankets, sunscreen and bug spray and enjoy Shakespeare in the Park.

This year’s production of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, directed by Sheila Butler, promises to be one of MCCT’s best shows to date. The show combines a talented cast with Sound/Music Design by Cairril Adaire of Kaia, sets inspired by German Expressionist painting and film designed by Amy Luxenberger, and costumes that hint at the traditional but with a post-apocalyptic, punk rock flair created by B. Stryker Delong.

The show is free but donations are encouraged and accepted at intermission. There will be restrooms open sponsored by World Wide Automotive and snacks and drinks for sale.

Thank you to Bloomington Parks and Rec for Stage use.

Creative Team:

Director Sheila Butler
Fight Choreographer Steve Heise
Armorer/Dramaturge Jeffrey Huntsman
Costume Designer B. Stryker Delong
Music Design Cairril Adaire
Choreographer Kelly Dobkins
Set Designer Amy Luxenburger
Make up Artist Arthur Cullipher
Apparition Puppets Terri Klinglehoeffer
Publicity/Set Asst. Jennifer Whitaker
Stage Manager Anna Hughes
Asst. Stage Manager Dawn Maesch
Graphic Design Cameron Butler
Sound Compilation Prince Butler/Cameron Butler
Sound Board Carol Wilson

Cast in order of first appearance:

Forest: Betsy Higgens, Maryann Iaria, and Sara Raines
Witches – Clare Mattsson, Kelly Dobkins, Amy Luxenburger
Duncan – Roy Sillings
Malcolm – Silas Bruner
Donaldbain – Nathan Bock
Lennox – Eric Van Gucht
Various Attendants/messengers – Justin Brown and Chris LeTendre
Bleeding Sergeant – Andrew Bowen
Macbeth – Steve Heise
Banquo – Derrick Krober
Ross – Jeff Craft
Lady Macbeth – Jennifer Whitaker
Fleance – Nathan Bock
Porter – Roy Sillings
MacDuff – Jeffrey Huntsman
Old Man – Roy Sillings
Murderers –Andrew Bowen, Chris LeTendre
Hecate – Cairril Adaire
Lord – Andrew Bowen
Lady MacDuff – Emily Bedwell
MacDuff child – Claire Mattsson
Doctor – Roy Sillings
Gentlewoman –Kelly Dobkins
Young Siward – Nathan Bock
Mentieth – Andrew Bowen
Caithness – Chris LeTendre
Seyton – Derrick Krober
Angus – Nathan Bock
Old Siward – Amy Luxenburger

MCCT has been nominated for The Be More Awards

MCCT has been nominated for The Be More Awards

The in-person celebration on March 31 has been canceled. We look forward to celebrating the recipients in an alternate fashion. Please stay tuned for updates!

The Be More Awards is our community’s way of honoring and applauding the outstanding, but often unrecognized efforts of our community volunteers. Ten awards will be presented during the community celebration honoring all of the nominees at the event.

For more information please visit the website:

Join us Oct 24!

Join us Oct 24!

For our October 24 REVUE show, MCCT will give 50 people a whole TWO DOLLARS simply to be Audience!


Over the last few years, the quality of our shows has been so good that reviewers have bemoaned that more people haven’t seen the show. The MCCT Board has decided to take a One-Hundred Dollar Advertising Budget and give it to YOU!


Our Revue shows are an initiative meant to allow people to perform who cannot commit to long rehearsal periods. More Community! This Revue will have Music! Maybe Dance! Humans dressed like Cats! Dementia Friendly! Great for Kids! WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?!?!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Coming to Third Street Park next weekend

It’s the 30th anniversary of Shakespeare in the Park and we’re celebrating by bringing back to life the very first Shakespeare in the Park we ever did – a Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Benjamin Watkins, our musical director for this show, says,

“Very rarely do we have the privilege of two absolutely brilliant minds meeting in the context of one work of art, but with A Midsummer Night’s Dream, we have just that. Felix Mendelssohn engaged in a very close reading of Shakespeare’s play, and in the process of composing music to accompany the stage play, he not only illustrated the story, but also passed into immortality thanks to the profundity and beauty of his deeply inspired musical vision.

In these humble outdoor performances, you will find artists of all ranks exploring the treasures that have been bequeathed to humanity. You will see children learning to speak, and to think for all of us; you will hear classical musicians of the highest caliber deftly execute some of the most difficult passages in the standard repertoire, and everything in between. It is our hope that these experiences will remind us of the power of dreaming, and of the limitless nature of human potential.

We’re excited to see you NEXT weekend!

September 12-14 at 7:00pm, September 15 at 3:00pm. As always, Shakespeare in the Park is FREE! Donations will be accepted. Come, join the merriment and celebrate 30 years of Shakespeare with us!

Tickets on Sale: Frozen

Tickets on Sale: Frozen

FROZEN by Bryony Lavery is the story of three people: a serial killer, the mother of one of his victims, and a psychiatrist that is studying the minds of serial killers. Told over the course of two decades, Frozen looks at loss, hate, fear, redemption and forgiveness. Told primarily through monologues, the audience goes on an emotional journey as three people, linked by the unspeakable, slowly come face to face with each other. Due to the nature of the content and language, the show is for those 16 and older. Frozen stars three familiar Bloomington actors: Emily Solt McGee (Agnetha), Steve Scott (Ralph) and Jennifer Whitaker (Nancy).