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MCCT presents an online performance of Henry V via Facebook live

MCCT presents an online performance of Henry V via Facebook live

MCCT will be presenting a three-part production of Henry V, in a seldom done uncut version, with multiple-casting for full community participation.

To watch the LIVE online performance please visit our Facebook page – on the following dates and times:

November 8 @ 2 pm – Acts I & II
November 15 @ 2 pm – Acts III & IV
November 22 @ 2 pm – Acts IV & V

Artist Profile: Stefano Mura captures the terrifying beauty of Edgar Allan Poe’s Bon Bon

Artist Profile: Stefano Mura captures the terrifying beauty of Edgar Allan Poe’s Bon Bon

Edgar Allan Poe’s influence is everywhere. He’s not only inspired writers, but artists of all kinds. Many great artists have illustrated Poe’s works, from the French artists Gustave Dore and Edouard Manet, to the Irish stained-glass artist and book illustrator, Henry Patrick Clarke.

The directors of MCCT’s “Oc-Poe-ber Fest,” Jason Lopez and Bill Goveia, have included several artists’ illustrations in their presentation to help tell Poe’s stories. While researching artists who have sought to capture the terrifying beauty of Poe’s works, they also came across the work of the Italian artist Stefano Mura and his drawings for Bon Bon.

Mura says, “My first comic story, published in ‘il Morto’ on November 30, 2017, dealt with drawing and inking. Bon Bon is a satirical tale by Edgar Allan Poe, which I personally chose. The philosopher and chef Bon Bon lives in 18th century Rouen, where he runs a small café. One night he receives a visit from the devil. After a discussion about the nature of the soul and the best way to cook it, Bon Bon (enticed by Voltaire’s example, and heavily drunk) proposes his own for a stew. But the devil, struck by the philosopher’s bad conduct, politely refuses …”

MCCT would like to thank Stefano Mura and his publisher, Menhir Edizioni, for allowing us to include his artwork for Bon Bon in our “Oc-Poe-ber Fest” presentation.

Be sure to check out Mura’s website that features more of his works.

Here’s the link…

Here’s the link to his Bon Bon illustrations…

Here’s a link to the episode featuring the story Bon Bon with Mura’s artwork…

Here’s more about Stefano Mura…

“Born in 1971, I graduated from art high school in 1989, and went to college and studied architectural design at the Politecnico di Milano in 1997.

I did a year of civil service at the Caritas of Milan in Quarto Oggiaro
and in 1998 I started working as an architect. In 2008 I married Elena, and in the same year, Gabriele was born.

Drawing is the common denominator in my artistic activities, be they naturalistic or comic drawings. I have portrayed many animals, even on commission.

In 2016 and 2017, I exhibited these works as part of the “Living with animals” event organized in Casteggio by the Bussolera Branca Foundation.
In 2017, I participated in the art collection of the “RAINBOWie festival” organized by the Milanese artist and gallery owner Valentina Carrera and centered on the figure of David Bowie one year after his death.

In 2017 I started publishing comic stories as a screenwriter and illustrator on the newspapers “The Dead” and “Inkstory” by Menhir editions.
In 2018, the preparation of the graphic novel “The wrong island” began, based on the film of the same name by independent director Giorgio Magarò and published in November 2019.
In September 2018 I illustrated the leporelli “La fanciulla Tartaruga” (poem by Maria Grazia Insinga) and “Il ponte di Genova” on the tragedy of the Morandi bridge for Fiorina Edizioni.”

MCCT presents Oc-POE-ber Fest – a monthlong celebration of the works of Edgar Allan Poe

MCCT presents Oc-POE-ber Fest – a monthlong celebration of the works of Edgar Allan Poe

As Halloween approaches in this spooky time of ours, MCCT thought the time might be right for some fantastic tales of fanciful horror to remind us when scary was fun.

Hence, Monroe County Civic Theatre’s Oc-Poe-ber Fest, a celebration of the works of that master of the macabre Edgar Allan Poe.

Every Saturday from now to All Hallow’s Eve, we’ll try to trick and treat you with Poe prose and Poe – etry read by our friends and neighbors, the ghoulish, but harmless, good guys of your own community theatre.

“Chilly” Billy Speares hosts the monthlong celebration.

Thanks to all our players.  Click the link below, if you dare…

Volume One
The Raven read by Steve Scott
The Oval Portrait read by Margo Morton
The Cask of Amontillado read by Dan Heise

Volume Two
Annabel Lee read by Colette Feehan
Silence:  A Fable read by Emily Bedwell
Bon Bon read by Justin McNeely & Emma Young

Volume Three
The Conqueror Worm read by Hannah Jones Knight
The Sphinx read by Kenny Hertling
The Tell-Tale Heart read by Sarah Mae Ruggles
Eleonora read by Jessica Marchbank McCanse

Volume Four
Eldorado read by Holland Rutter
A Dream Within a Dream read by Frank Buczolich
Hop-Frog read by Zilia C. Balkansky Selles
The Black Cat read by Andrew Bowen
The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar read by Paulina Guerrero

Volume Five
The Bells read by Roy Sillings
Dream-Land read by Emily Mcgee
The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether read by Rene Llewellyn
The Pit and the Pendulum read by Frank Buczolich
The Masque of the Red Death read by Roy Sillings

Episode 4 of MCCT’s Podcast is now online!

Episode 4 of MCCT’s Podcast is now online!

Listen to Episode 3 here: WWW.MCCT.ORG/PODCAST

To make a monetary donation to MCCT please visit WWW.MCCT.ORG/SUPPORT.

This episode features the vocal talents of:

Frank Buczolich
Beverly Calender-Anderson
I. James Torry
Laura DeBrunner
Shatoyia Moss & Community Ensemble
Dianne Shewmaker
Dan Heise
Pam Cocalis
Garrett Rowe
Cairril Adaire

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