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Tickets on Sale: Frozen

Tickets on Sale: Frozen

FROZEN by Bryony Lavery is the story of three people: a serial killer, the mother of one of his victims, and a psychiatrist that is studying the minds of serial killers. Told over the course of two decades, Frozen looks at loss, hate, fear, redemption and forgiveness. Told primarily through monologues, the audience goes on an emotional journey as three people, linked by the unspeakable, slowly come face to face with each other. Due to the nature of the content and language, the show is for those 16 and older. Frozen stars three familiar Bloomington actors: Emily Solt McGee (Agnetha), Steve Scott (Ralph) and Jennifer Whitaker (Nancy).

Show Dates & Times:

  • August 2 & 3: 7:00pm
  • August 4: 3:00pm

Rose Firebay at the Waldron. Tickets available at ($15)

summer showcase

summer showcase



On June 6, from 7 to 8 pm, Monroe County Civic Theater will have an hour of songs and speech! A satyre of Lear, songs from Twelfth Night, and mysterious and pertinent announcements for interested parties!

We’ll be in the Library Auditorium downtown, and if you’re interested in ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ or you’re looking to make a submission for our 2020 season or you just want some giggles, join us for this free event.

If you’ve writ something you’d like to hear spoke, feel free to bring it. We’ll have the room until 9pm and would make good use of it.

Join us this weekend for Twelfth Night

Join us this weekend for Twelfth Night

Our first Shakespeare show of 2019 is May 17-19 at the Windfall Dance Studio. Check out what director Eric P. Van Gucht has to say about the show and get your tickets today at!

Art by: Roy Sillings

Twelfth Night was my first Shakespearean show as an actor, playing Fabian at Bloomington North as a senior in high school; nearly fifteen years later, I am so grateful to have a chance to do this show as a director. Revisiting it has given me a new insight into the brilliance of this play.

Times are obviously very strange right now. With this show, I want audiences to be able to laugh despite the ridiculousness, perhaps because of it. Additionally, this play’s subtitle is “Or What You Will.” We ask you to suspend your disbelief tonight, and a treasure of this play is that Shakespeare allows his audience a chance to be a part of the joke. Because of this, you may notice we’ve done some things a little differently, a little wink to the audience here and there (some subtle, others not so much).

For stylistic purposes, I wanted to go with a Carnival/Mardi Gras theme. I felt like the unabashed joy of the ceremonies, combined with the atmosphere that comes from the scenery and costumes, convey the message that it’s okay to be a little ridiculous sometimes.

Thanks to a wonderful cast/crew, co-workers, friends and family, who keep encouraging me.

Enjoy the show, and like Feste the jester says, “We’ll strive to please you every day.”

  • Eric P. Van Gucht
Making Magic Behind the Scenes – Meet Stage Manager Dorothy Granger!

Making Magic Behind the Scenes – Meet Stage Manager Dorothy Granger!

There’s a good chance you’ve seen Dorothy at an MCCT show. She’s usually dressed all in black and she’s making sure the show happens from behind the curtain. As a seasoned Stage Manager, Dorothy is someone everyone in MCCT has come to rely on! Read on to hear why she volunteers with us and what being a part of MCCT means to her!

What brought you to MCCT in the first place?  
Jen Whitaker, we were at WFHB one day with nothing to do…

Why did you want to be a part of Farndale? 
Farndale is a hilarious script and who would not want to be a part of it?!?

What is the most challenging part of your role? 
Say WHAT?!? You think actors are the only ones with challenges?!?

How did you become a stage manager? It seems like hard work!
My daughter was in a professional company (Louisville/New Albany) when she was young and I was forced to sit through rehearsals…I mean, I went to all the rehearsals and am not very good at just sitting and being a good girl so I volunteered to help back stage and the rest is history. I am generally an organized person and this helps back stage.

What is something unexpected that you’ve learned by being a part of community theater? 
I’m not sure it was unexpected, but I love that everyone has a role in community theatre! Acting is not easy and it’s not for everyone…except here. Everyone is welcome, everyone is encouraged, and everyone can play!

What is your favorite thing about this show? 
The show is hilarious and it is fun to watch the actors have fun!

What is your biggest challenge with this show? 
Trying to stay healthy has been a challenge not only for me but for the majority of people involved with the show. So when you hear deep, guttural coughing backstage, it isn’t necessarily me.

What would surprise the audience to know about you? 
I am a quiet, retiring, bookish sort of woman.

Meet Mr. Peach – Steve Scott

Meet Mr. Peach – Steve Scott

Steve Scott becomes Mr. Peach in Farndale Macbeth

As we get closer to our Farndale Macbeth opening, we want to introduce you to some of our cast and crew. First up is Steve Scott. Steve has been a fixture in the MCCT and BPP worlds for years, but his role in Farndale is unlike anything he’s ever done before!

What brought you to MCCT in the first place?
A former President of MCCT, Eric Anderson, saw my silly theatrics when I taught children’s classes at my martial arts school. In 2012 he asked me to play the role of “the fireman” in “Studs Terkel’s Working: The Musical”. I loved it.

Why did you want to be a part of Farndale?
The role of Peach offers me a chance to stretch out and test my range as an actor.

What is the most challenging part of your role?
The wardrobe, the makeup. I’ve been getting a LOT of help with that!

What is something unexpected that you’ve learned by being a part of community theater?
It isn’t so much what I’ve learned but who I’ve gotten to know. I’ve met some outstanding people through my years at MCCT.

What is your favorite thing about this show?
It’s tremendously funny. I acted in four of MCCT’s Shakespeare productions and get the biggest kick out of seeing a farce built around “The Scottish Play”.

What is your biggest challenge with this show?
See #3. With the addition that walking in heels might be a challenge…

What would surprise the audience to know about you?
In real life I’m Mr. Peach’s antithesis. If I can make Steve Scott disappear and become a convincing George Peach, I’ll count it a success.

Farndale opens April 12 at Stages Bloomington. Tickets are $15 and available now. Get yours here!

Meet the Cast of Twelfth Night

Meet the Cast of Twelfth Night

MCCT has two shows in the works right now! Look for Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night at Windfall Dance Studio this May. Here is a peek at the cast!

Viola – Robin Pyle 
Sebastian – Micheal Harrison 
Orsino – Jason Howard 
Olivia – Katie Benson 
Feste – Zilia Balkansky-Selles 
Sir Toby Belch – Thom Kirk 
Sir Andrew Aguecheek – Jason Lopez 
Malvolio – Roy Sillings 
Maria – Heather Howard 
Fabian – Rhianna Jones 
Antonio – Mary Cusato 
Priest/Captain/Ensemble – Connie Temm 
Ensemble – Mike Milam

Farndale Macbeth Tickets On Sale Now!

Farndale Macbeth Tickets On Sale Now!

Join us April 12-14 for this hilarious comedy! What happens when an all-women’s dramatic society tries to put on Macbeth? Craziness, that’s what. Add in missing cast members, a special audience member, and more, and you have a recipe for hilarity!

Farndale Tickets

Farndale Macbeth kicks off our 2019 Mainstage Shows!

Farndale Macbeth kicks off our 2019 Mainstage Shows!

Our first spring show this year is a lively and hilarious farce by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jnr – “The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s production of Macbeth!”

Our director for this adventure is Bill Goveia. AND we have an incredible cast that includes:

Mr. Peach, the critic – Steve Scott

Henry, stage manager (Lady Macbeth) – Martin Cusato

Plummer, the producer – Dan Heise

Mrs. Reece (Lady Macduff, Doctor) – Becky Stapf

Thelma (Macbeth, Ross) – Jennifer Whitaker

Minnie (Banquo, Macduff’s Child) – Nancie Eagan

Dawn (1st Witch, Porter, 2nd Murderer, Duncan) – Maryann Iaria

Felicity (2nd Witch, Seyton, 1st Murderer, Malcolm, Gentlewoman) – Rebecca DeLong

Kate (3rd Witch, Macduff, Messenger) – Sarah Mae Ruggles

Gwynneth (Fleance, Voices) – Dianne Shewmaker

Show Info:

April 12-14 at Stages Bloomington (222 W 2nd Street)

Tickets on sale March 11!

2019 Annual Meeting! Join Us!

2019 Annual Meeting! Join Us!

Monroe County Civic Theater will be holding its annual member’s meeting to discuss the past season and the coming year. Look back on our great 2018 season and forward to our ambitious 2019 season plan.

Board elections will also be held at the meeting. We will have five seats open this year as the two year terms of Jennifer Whitaker, Emily Bedwell, Anna Hughes, and Phillip Addison come to their ends. Remember, you need to be a dues-paying member of Monroe County Civic Theater to vote. You can bring your $12 membership fee to the meeting.

The following candidates are currently seeking election or re-election to the board:

  • Phillip Addison
  • Bill Goveia
  • Marty Cursato

With Emily Bedwell, Anna Hughes, and Jennifer Whitaker leaving the board, there are several slots open. Would you like to be on the Monroe County Civic Theater board? Email us at by January 10th to get added to the slate!

The meeting will be held in the Fellowship Hall of the United Presbyterian Church (1701 E 2nd St) from 2:00pm – 5:00 pm on Sunday, January 13th, 2018.

We hope to see you there!

Pay Your Dues Now!

Actor Profile: All Hail the King (Lear). Roy Sillings has never been better as King Lear

Actor Profile: All Hail the King (Lear). Roy Sillings has never been better as King Lear

Roy Sillings has been a part of MCCT for years, playing many roles and challenging the actors that work with him to be better than they have ever been before. As Lear, Roy is every bit the mad king, bringing every part of Lear’s personality to the stage.

What made you audition for Lear?

I didn’t audition.  I was offered the part, probably because I’m old and foolish.

Why do you think this story matters for today’s audiences?

Many of the themes: political, social, psychological and philosophical are, for better or worse, especially relevant today.  It is in some ways a vast morality play commenting on almost every aspect of the human experience.  As one of the great monuments of Western literature, it is an uplifting testament to human creativity, and the heights to which the mind and art of man are capable.  In that sense, this profound tragedy encourages hope.

What new things have you learned as a result of this show?

Further admiration for Shakespeare’s skill as a dramatist.  An incredible amount of background and critical material on King Lear.  I learned just how long my hair and beard can grow in six months and how to pronounce “oeillade”.

Community/Civic theater is a unique challenge. What has been the hardest part of this show? the easiest?

The hardest part has probably been learning to control my pain at the necessary cuts. I understand it is absolutely impossible to do the play without considerable cropping, but in most cases, something wonderful is lost.  Fortunately, the play is so full of wonders, the loss is probably not felt except by those who love the play and know it well. I’m also a little worried about the physical and mental challenges of a role as huge as this.  At my age, things happen…or don’t. 

The easiest has been enjoying the company of everyone on the show.  The rehearsals are exciting and fun.  The schedule not too demanding.  Great cooperation and collaboration.

How did you get involved with MCCT?

Many years ago, walking through the park, I discovered an MCCT audition in progress and did it on a dare. Got a part. Made some great friends. Got addicted, especially to Shakespeare in the park. Wound up on the board.   

What do you do when you’re not rehearsing and memorizing Shakespeare?

Rehearse or memorize something else.  Read, watch the news (Arrgh!) or movies (Yeah!).  Write computer program at work and some for myself at home. Hang out with friends.

Why should audiences come to this show?

See 2 above. Also, because civic theatre, the product of voluntary effort and local contributions, has a unique charm. There’s something wonderful about watching a group doing something for no more than the love of it.  The limited means and warm-hearted inclusiveness inspire audience reactions ranging from amusement to genuine admiration. The performance in a real sense belongs to them. Coming to the show supports a unique and valuable asset of their community.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks to everyone that made this show possible.

Come see Roy and the rest of the King Lear cast beginning October 12!

  • October 12, 13, 18, 19, and 20 at 7:00pm
  • October 14 at 3:00pm

Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center Rose Firebay.

Get your tickets today at