Audition Announcement: Men and Women Needed for Uncertainty (Or, Imprecision)

What’s the play about?

Uncertainty (or Imprecision) by Nicholas Krohn, is a new comedic play about three friends who meet at a bar on the same night to provide moral support for each other as they embark on their respective online dating prospects for the evening.  Along for the ride, is the bartender supplying the trio with plenty of liquid courage, as well as two well-known (and completely out of their respective dimensions) scientists supplying plenty of terrible advice for the trio of friends as they embark on their first physical meeting with the people they have been chatting with online.  The dates themselves prove to be one disaster after another in this bizarre and madcap comedy that proves once and for all that dating is the worst, but we all may as well laugh about it.

Who are the characters?

  • Stan:  Owner of the bar called ‘Uncertainty’ where our story takes Place (This role has already been cast)
  • Professor Stephen Hawking: Male 30-60   Physicists have come to learn that all things that could have happened, actually did in a different dimension.  Taking this into consideration, this Stephen Hawking is actually middle-aged, well dressed, and wholly without a neuro-muscular disease.
  • Dr. Werner Heisenberg:  In this dimension, Heisenberg is actually a woman. (This Role has already been cast)
  • Eric:  Male Late20’s to Late 30’s. Fancies himself to be an amateur magician, if he could only get that basic card trick to actually work
  • Allison:  Female Late 20’s to Late 30’s. Confident, sexy, and a lesbian
  • Stacy: Female Late 20’s to Late 30’s. Conservative and sweet and just wants to settle down and be married already
  • Mitchell: Male Late 20’s to Late 30’s. Stacy’s date.  He does not go by ‘Mitch’ and he wears an excess of hair product and has some interesting and unexpected kinks in spite of being rather uptight.
  • Swan:  Male, any age. Allison’s date.  Purportedly is the ‘Indiana Jones of Gynecology’, but really just turns out to be a dude named Kurt Schwarzenheimer.
  • Debra:  Female, Late 20’s to Late 30’s. Eric’s date.  She is a complete woman of mystery…..because she goes through the date with a bag on her head and a purse with roughly 23 cans of mace attached to it.

What are the Show Dates?

 September 9th, 10th, 11th


When and Where are the Auditions?

Auditions will be held at the Monroe County Public Library over the course of two days:

June 16th 11am-2pm in meeting room 2A

June 17th 12pm-2pm in meeting room 1C

Contact Emily McGee at to set up an audition appointment or with any questions you may have regarding the production.

What do I prepare for the Audition?

You will need to prepare three things for this audition.

  1. Please prepare the sides for the characters that you are interested in. Please also know that the director may ask you to read sides for other characters, so you may want to look over all the sides.
  2. Please prepare to tell a story of the worst date you have ever been on in two minutes or less.
  3. Please bring a resume and headshot if you have them. If you do not, no worries!  There will be forms to fill out at the audition and we will take a picture of you there if needed!